Do you know the Cream Tea?! The famous tea break, so famous in Devon and Cornwall?


In these regions born its unique ingredient, the “CLOTTED CREAM”. To make it, you have to indirectly heating full-cream milk (produced by the glowing cows of the Westcounty). Then leaving it to cool slowly. In this way the fat creamy content rises to the surface. To be authentic the clotted cream need to have a minimum fat content of 55%

European Union also recognized the Cornish Clotted cream as Protected Designation of Origin.

This cream goes with warm scones and jam, definitely strawberry, not forgetting an excellent cup of English tea. Divide the scone in two and spread it.


But what goes first? The cream or the jam?! It’s the controversy between the Cornish and the Devonshire cream tea. The first says the jam, the second the clotted cream. According no less than the Cream tea society the jam goes first, because you don’t have to treat your clotted cream like butter.

The Cream Tea Society website was, for me, an important source of information about the Cream Tea. You can find there also a real Cream tea Etiquette and other interesting piece of information if you like.


Many cozy Tearooms in Devon & Cornwall are happy to offer the Cream tea, made with delicious local ingredients try to test it!

We became addicted after our trip there! in fact, we tried Cream tea during our 10 day holiday in Devon and Cornwall. The first time we were in Exmoor National Park at Locks Victorian Tea Rooms, located in the nice medieval village of Dunster.

The quality of the tea and biscuits was excellent and the place is very pleasant. There is also an open garden with a patio with tables to have the cream tea during sunny days.

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