Elisa Scuto


You love travelling and you do it for passion, work or both? And moreover, you are keen on sharing this passion with your loved ones, your better half, your friends and your children?!

If you just become parent, or you are going to be, and probably you are already dreaming about next destinations with your kids…Or you are asking yourself: could I still travel? And, if yes, how?!

Needless to say, for me the answer is: “Yes, sure!”

And I’ll tell you the many and great ways. After all, as all our passions, the love for travelling is one of the best blessing we can pass on our children. Opening their eyes and broadening their horizons is a funny way to educate them. Within the travelling family you create a special closeness, even between quarreling, making up and unforseen. That 24 hour sharing everything that unfortunately we ususally haven’t the time to do at home…


Elisa Scuto: 35 year old mum of a 3 year old and a baby to come. I have an innate passion for travel in all its forms and aspects. Living on Italian Riviera, born in Valle d’Aosta. I come 50% from Sicily (South Italy) and 50% from Veneto (North Italy) so we can say I fully represent Italy! I’m fond of reading about travels, plan them, doing them -obviously! – and then telling them. I believe “a travel” is a much more permanent experience in time than just its lenght in terms of days out.

I started travel thanks to my parents, visiting Mediterranean islands, sea and mountain destinations by car, boat or sailboat. And then our great art heritage cities.

In 2000 first Univesity degrees in Tourism Sciences appeared to Italy. I got my degree in Milan in 2004. In 2005 I left Italy for London. I lived in the City for more than one year, working in a Tour Operator. From that moment I will always appreciate this capital city, British language and culture.

Soon I realized that selling custumized itineraries is not my dream. I worked in the education, communication and event sectors. While working I got my second degree in History of Art (a second passion of mine) at Genoa University. I started writing on the web for some web newspaper as exibart.com.

In recent years I started using Social Media for my job. In 2016 I attended a Master in Social Media Communication at Sole24Ore Business School in Milan.


This was the final step towards opening this blog, first in Italian, PiccoliGrandiViaggiatori and then in English. My most important source of inspiration for this travel blog, anyway, are my travels: those already taken (Europe far and wide, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa…) but also those who come with my children!

If you share the same feelings about travels: read, comment, ask and share!

Together will enrich our experiences and those of our kids as a real Little Travellers Tribe!


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